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Hello! I’m Bea. I am a 14 year old neurodivergent, disabled, queer artist.

Hello! I’m Bea. I am a 14 year old neurodivergent, disabled, queer artist.

My pronouns are they, them, theirs. I like neo-pronouns too. I am Non-Binary, Genderfluid and Transgender. My pronouns page is linked here:


I am home educated and unschooled. I have been since I was 7.

I am an artist! I like digital art, sculpture, riso printing, ceramics, collage, sewing and more. I am really into writing! I enjoy writing stories, scripts, characters and worlds.

You can see my art on my Instagram:

Beatrix Finch

I like cooking and baking a lot! Sushi is one of my favourite foods and I can make it too. I really like baking meringues and macarons.

I’m Autistic, I was diagnosed when I was 7. I have SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), DCD (Dyspraxia), Synaesthesia: sight to touch, sound to touch, HSD (Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder) and more.

I have ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I’m bed bound most days, and house bound most others.

I’m not really a citizen of the world type of person. More a citizen of my bed and what I can reach from it. Tourist of the internet, regular customer of video games. I’m extroverted but often don’t understand people, not very fun.

When I can, I’m playing in the rain, mud and generally (despite my CFS), I will always play in rivers, lakes, ponds and the ocean. I’m not so good at climbing things but I am very good at getting stuck in impossible places down low.

I am very excited to create this project with my collaborators, followers, readers and more.

If you would like to get in contact, direct message me via Instagram.

I hope you continue to follow this project!

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