Project Gallery

A selection of photos and some of the creative work produced during the 3 sessions.Continue readingProject Gallery

What is Croydon?

We took some of the words and discussions that came out of the A-Z Game and brought them together into a poem.Continue readingWhat is Croydon?

Session Format and Prompts

Before the workshops started we created a parent pack with information about the upcoming sessions.Continue readingSession Format and Prompts

Ideas and Examples

We provided a range of examples of what the young people could do, as inspiration and a jumping board for those who were less confident.Continue readingIdeas and Examples

Project Materials and Equipment

We decided to offer a range of familiar and less familiar materials, kept consistent across the three workshops.Continue readingProject Materials and Equipment

Creating Me Us Outwards

What is your primary sense?Continue readingCreating Me Us Outwards

About Me

Hello! I’m Bea. I am a 14 year old neurodivergent, disabled, queer artist.Continue readingAbout Me