Creating Me Us Outwards

What is your primary sense?

Street View was a self portrait. Created from my point of view with no outside perspective (double meaning).

In Cultivate That, I wanted to take the next step outwards. Not too far from where I was, but far enough to find something new. I wanted to work with the Youth Club I go to, which is a safe space for autistic young people like me.

My creative thought process started at the first Cultivate That workshop.

When I am taking in lots of information, I try to sketch out ideas while at the location. Documenting the space, describing the people and organisations in my sketchbook, helps me formulate my ideas and keeps me in the creative space when I look back at my notes for reference.

The things I write or sketch down do not usually make much sense. But when I write or sketch them, I start to understand what I am creating more.

I wrote:

“Generalised Stories? Everyone could contribute something. Link School Packs. Bubbling. A game. A sensory piece. Including & Expanding (circled in black pencil).

“Park Hill Park. Youth Club. The Walled Garden. Fungus Press Boards.”

I kept writing and sketching about this concept of a “sensoryscape”.

Similar to a soundscape, or a landscape, but surrounding all the senses – and more specifically, all at once. A sensoryscape is meant to be overwhelming. Filled with all the stimuli that a neurodiverse person would deal with every day, concentrated and imposed on you.

What if we, Youth Club, combined our experiences and translated them into art? What if we tried to take up as much space as possible, intrude on your calm and make it overwhelming? What if we showed you what it means to be still?



What is your primary sense?

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