Cultivate That

What would you like to grow?

This March, the Propagate This artists were invited back for a new project called Cultivate That.

This project was an opportunity to continue what we had started exploring during the first commission, and to spread, define and grow our creative contributions.

You can find out about Cultivate That on the Turf Projects website.

At the first session, all of the artists introduced something they had worked on during Propagate This, or another art piece they had created. I shared the process of creating Street View, explaining the energy consuming process and what it took to get the idea to where it was.

This time, there were participating organisations that us artists could choose to work with. I was interested in Friends Of Park Hill Park, and their story with The Walled Garden which they are transforming through crowdfunding and volunteer action.

I was also interested in using one of Turf Projects’ Fungus Press boards (map of the Fungus Press Boards here). In late 2021, I had worked with ArtPress to create a project on the Fungus Press boards called, “Us, Those Next To Us, Those Next To Them”, a project about hyperlocalism in Croydon.

The session took most of my energy and I needed to rest before I would be able to fully cultivate my idea.

What would you like to grow?

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