Propagate This

Is there something you love, but you can not always reach?

Last October I was one of six artists with a connection to Croydon selected to be part of Turf Projects’ new project called Propagate This.

The project was an opportunity for the artists to show, share and experiment with their practice. We were free to collaborate with the other artists, groups associated with Turf Projects and other groups that explore art.

You can find out about Propagate This on the Turf Projects website.

I joined the project with my mum, or possibly more accurately my carer, as “two parts of one whole”, with the key tagline “Sometimes one can build another”.

We attended the first session that introduced the project and all the participants. It ran all day and was filled with creative conversation and prompts. I had not experienced such a free, inventive environment, where there were so many different people with interesting and unique practices.

After the session, I was filled with lots of ideas, but they were all massive and required lots of time and energy.

Before I knew it, I had exhausted myself. My tiredness caught up with me and I had no space to continue the project in the way I had hoped.

I was having a relapse.

Is there something you love, but you can not always reach?

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