Silly Stories Game

You can get your own copy of our Silly Stories game from Turf Projects, or download a PDF!

As part of Propagate This, we had attended a workshop given by another of the artists – Pear Nuallak – where we made a ‘Beast of Croydon‘.

The session was inspired by the drawing game ‘Exquisite Corpse‘ (picture consequences). This is one of our favourite family games.

We enjoyed the opportunity for creative collaboration so much, we wanted to produce something inspired by that session.

Find out about the game and download your free copy here!

We played our Silly Stories game in the second and third workshop sessions, creating some amazing and hilarious stories, albeit not much about Croydon!

It was a fantastic shared bonding experience for the group and everyone took home their own copy of the game. We’ve since heard from some of the parents that the games have been much used and have helped some of the kids with their language skills.

You can get one of the games from Turf Projects, or if you’re not in Croydon, PDFs are available here.

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