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What is your native environment?

I was stuck inside my house. Full of ideas. Out of energy.

I live in Croydon but I did not know how I truly related to Croydon. I can’t access Croydon, I haven’t been there much, I don’t know what it is like.

In early 2021, I worked with ArtPress [our youth art collective in Turf Projects] and Araba Aduah [a local filmmaker] to create a film for Historic England about Croydon high street. During production my family and I caught COVID-19, and I was unable to leave my house for the rest of the project, also due to chronic fatigue syndrome and my disabilities.

While I was brainstorming what I wanted to do for Propagate This, I realised my main point of reference for outside my house, Croydon and further, was Google Maps – specifically Google Maps Street View.

I decided that I would use google maps and a few other websites as my art mediums. Online mediums are really important to my art practice, as I can’t always access or use traditional mediums. I used Google Maps and another website for street names, creating sentences out of “places I’d been online”, to explain why “real life” isn’t always accessible [for me].

I became truly passionate about art existing natively online, justified in its own space.

You can view my piece with this link:

Street View

What is your native environment?

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A theatre! Whether it’s in the audience, in the wings, or best of all: onstage performing- I feel most like myself when I’m in someone else’s story.

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