The A-Z Game

A great way to get everyone talking about how they felt about themselves, their future and Croydon.

In Youth Club, we often play a game called “The A-Z Game”! You have to think of a word that begins with a certain letter. The game is ideally played with 2 or more people, it is best with big groups!

There are 5 categories, usually they are: Boy’s Name, Girl’s Name, Food, Animal, TV & Film.

We ask someone to go through the alphabet in their head, at a certain speed. We ask someone else to say start, and then after a time period of their choosing, they say stop.

The letter of the alphabet that the person is thinking when they hear stop is the letter that every word must start with. The game starts when the letter is said.

When someone has finished filling all their categories in, they yell “Bus Stop!” Everyone has 15 seconds to write down the rest of their answers.

All the participants read out their answers category by category.

A unique answer wins 1 point. If anyone has the same answer for a particular category, they don’t get any points in that one category.

The person with the most points wins!

You can customise the categories to be whatever you want! We sometimes also choose sports, video games or fictional characters!

For the project, we played The A-Z Game with a twist. We had 3 categories this time, they were Me, Youth Club (us) and Croydon (outwards).

It worked really well to break the ice and got everyone talking about how they felt about themselves, their future and Croydon generally.

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